Early Recovery

In line with IASC principles and the Global Cluster for Early Recovery we address the gap by designing “Early Recovery” focused programming.

Early Recovery (ER) is an approach that addresses recovery needs arising during the humanitarian phase of an emergency; using humanitarian mechanisms that align with development principles. Early Recovery is a multidimensional process of recovery that begins in the early days of a humanitarian response. Early Recovery is both an approach to humanitarian response and a set of specific programmatic actions which facilitates a move from dependence on humanitarian relief towards development.

An Early Recovery approach involves focusing on local ownership and strengthening capacities; basing interventions on a thorough understanding of the context to address root causes and vulnerabilities as well as immediate results of crisis; reducing risk, promoting equality and preventing discrimination through adherence to development principles that seek to build on humanitarian programmes and catalyse sustainable development opportunities.

Using this approach should generate self-sustaining, nationally owned, resilient processes for post crisis recovery and to put in place preparedness measures to mitigate the impact of future crises.


In many emergency response contexts can start ER programming while other acute emergency interventions is still ongoing – simultaneously